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Dungeon Munchies Presskit





Release Date

06.06.2019 (Early Access)



Steam (Windows & Mac)




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Simmer, a friendly undead necromancer-chef, has reanimated you to be her cooking apprentice. You must hunt down the various creatures in the dungeon and cook them into delicious dishes. Each dish makes you stronger in a different way. However, your small zombie stomach limits the amount of dishes you’re allowed to eat, so you must carefully choose which dishes you want with you.


Explore the dungeon and find new recipes, new ingredients and new discoveries about Simmer, and the dungeon. Confront the mysterious figure trying to stop your culinary journey and discover the secrets behind this massive underground facility. Bon Appetit!

  • Story-based side-scrolling action RPG

  • Dishes that range from the humble Guava Juice to the extravagant Crabshell Bisque

  • Effects of eating dishes include stat boosts, new abilities, new combos, cool shields and more.

  • Weapons made from your hunting quarry that enable different combat styles.

  • Characters and bosses that range from extremely personable to borderline insane.

  • Weird and wonderful pixel art and character art by Scofa.

Early Access

At the time of its June 6 2019 release, Dungeon Munchies will conclude at the end of the first chapter of the story. We have plans to finish the entire story so over the course of the next year, we’ll be updating the game at regular intervals and introducing major story updates every few months complete with more maps, bosses, monsters, and of course more recipes.

While we will raise prices for each major update, players that purchase the game on early access receive all future updates free of charge.


Founded in 2018, maJAJa is a three person game development studio consisting of Scofa, Jimbo and Ian. Dungeon Munchies is our first game as a team.

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